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After a rocky start, Demi Monde is said to be relaunching this week. The cocktail lounge opened in May with promises of a coffee shop on their street level operated by Handsome Roasters and a $130 nine-course tasting menu by Phillip Kirschen-Clark; neither of which completely panned out. Handsome Roasters pulled out of the project before setting up shop in the 360 square feet of space on the ground level and Mr. Phillip Kirschen-Clark’s tasting menu only lasted two weeks before he too, left Demi Monde.

Crain’s New York reported Demi Monde’s landlord at 90 Broad Street, Kent Swig was seeking to evict Demi Monde back in August, citing the cocktail lounge owed “$110,136 in back rent and fees.” Since then, real estate professionals have told NYNightlife the Demi Monde space is (or was) on the market, listed by Jones Lang LaSalle at a substantially higher asking price than Demi Monde currently pays per month.

Last week, NYNightlife was told Demi Monde would be relaunching October 12. An insider at Demi Monde indirectly told NYNightlife the party on October 12 is not a “grand reopening” but also hinted a reopening party may be scheduled for the future. Demi Monde was never closed down since they opened in May.

The invite for the October 12 party welcomes guests to  “play on our climbing walls.” When asked what “climbing walls” are, NYNightlife was told by a source involved with the party that there will be performers and acrobats utilizing a ropes course in the middle of the venue. But that does not mean guests cannot get in on the action themselves as NYNightlife is told “once people get drunk enough, they can participate also if they take off their shoes.”

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