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Strategic Group’s club Marquee closed its doors to begin a renovation this summer. Rumors swirled with who may be involved and what may be happening with the club that outlasted the rest on club row. With Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas topping Nightclub & Bar’s latest annual list of top grossing nightclubs and bars in America, reporting a gross in excess of $70,000,000 and Marquee at The Star in Sydney, Australia opening to expand Marquee’s brand of nightlife to another continent, one has to believe the New York renovation is meant to align the original location with the big name electronic dance music DJs programmed in the two newer Marquee nightspots.

Before Marquee even closed its doors, NYNightlife reported rumors of Tiesto’s involvement with the Marquee New York relaunch. If you remember, at the time of these rumors, Tiesto coincidentally happened to be hanging out at Avenue, another Strategic Group club several times in less than a week’s span. Was Tiesto just hanging out with his buddies from Strategic Group or was Tiesto really celebrating a yet-to-be-announced deal he signed for Marquee?

A new update was recently sent to NYNightlife by a source who has proved reliable in the past. The update said Noah Tepperberg (co-founder of Strategic Group) is looking to increase his equity in Marquee New York, possibly by buying out some of the club’s investors. Tiesto will be a part owner and have a residency at Marquee NY, the source tells NYNightlife. As far as the renovations, it is said the mezzanine space will be removed to allow for high ceilings throughout the space, which likely means Marquee’s well recognized double staircase will be taken down as well.

One of the only factual updates on Marquee’s renovation came three weeks ago when the club’s co-founder Jason Strauss tweeted this photo, showing design meetings have begun for Marquee. If it is any inclination as to what will become of Marquee NY, Mr. Strauss’ tweet regarding the design meeting said “#gamechanger.”


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