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PUN, or Pop Up Nightlife is a new temporary club which opened over the weekend in the Financial District. The exact address is not publicly listed on the club’s Facebook page, although a source told NYNightlife the location is on the corner of Stone Street and Broad Street, right next to Demi Monde (90 Broad St).

A rep for PUN tells NYNightlife the club will have Afrika Bambaataa performing on Halloween. Afterward, PUN will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until January 1st. Thursday nights will be hip hop night, Friday nights have a Studio 54 “2013 Style” theme, and Saturday night will have a CBGB’s theme.

There has been some speculation as to who is behind PUN; however, when asked who is involved, the club’s rep did not have further information to share at this time.

[UPDATE] There seemed to be some miscommunication regarding the parties at PUN. The update from PUN’s rep tells us:

“Thursday parties are rocker chic but open format, Friday’s are Hip hop with open format, Saturday is Electronic Dance.”

Regarding PUN’s Halloween party, Afrika Bambaataa will perform “Planet Rock.“


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